week 5 day 1

Today we have to start up our new weekly theme, Cultural stories. In making this weeks theme I decided to go with my Norwegian ancestry. But thats not just it. This week we have also been asked to talk about the skills and experience that we have collected in the job field. I would say that I’ve learned a lot about what its like to have a job with stuff like tasks and demand, feedback and workloads. Will try to use this experience to help me further on my career path.


week 4 day 1

Today we had our first day of new theme, violence prevention. It’s a complex issue that i’m glad we’re talking about. during research i learned more about the worldwide health organization and read a paper they made about violence prevention. it inspired me to make this new postcard


step up week 3 day 2

Finished up my postcard about B.A.L.L. open streets. Today William reviewed our work from last week and gave us some feedback. A person from Step Up was supposed to come in to watch us work but i guess they didn’t show.


Step up week 3 day 1

Today was uneventful, although I can still talk about some of the key features. Announcement of new weekly theme called complete street based around transportation. Later in the week there will be a a trip to the Mall or America and we will take public transportation. I am very tired but that’s no ones fault but my own. Lunch today was good! and early!


step up week two day 3

The lunch came on time today and it was delicious. I don’t have much to say for today but it was good, we were working a lot and I did some final touches on my postcard.

the wba lynxs the nba timberwolves and the iowa wolves all have a very similar logo as a sign of solidarity as members of the “G League” owned by gatorade


Day 2 Week 2

I did some more work on my photoshop postcard for B.A.L.L. today. Near the middle of the day close to lunch the school that is renting from A.M.A. had a situation where they needed to make a conference call and the graphics team was kicked out of the lab but William talked to them and convinced them to use the computers they had downstairs and they left. Not only that but the lunch was also late and I got a little frustrated because its happened almost every day now. But I’ve been learning a lot and its been fun so I can’t complain much.



step up week 2 day 1

Steven fixed the blogs! A big event that happened today was that people were brought in to do screen printing with us and everyone got to print their own shirt with the ball logo and take it home. Today was also the last day to finish up the obesity prevention week assignment and I think I did pretty good. William printed out a reference sheet of shortcuts for photoshop which I find very helpful and really cuts down on time. Heres my finished postcard.


step up day 3 week 1

Today is the last day of this week and the graphics team has finished their projects about obesity prevention. I would put the postcard I made in this blog but the computer I am using still doesn’t work with blogging and it’s getting frustrating but not too bad since william will get it in here in post. The lunch was good today and a bank was supposed come and open up accounts for us but they didn’t and that kinda sucks.


day 2 week 1

my phone is at one percent but today was good and we learned more about what b.a.l.l. is and i felt like it was good but i’ve never been a fan of ice breakers so that was kinda awkward since i was one of the last people to have a partner. william is  good at teaching this stuff and gave us examples of real world clients and grafick design


Step Up week 1 day 1.

Only just started but so far it seems promising. I’m especially excited about the prospect of learning a new skill and the video about Financial Literacy and the four cornerstones in a fun way was easy to remember. It helped showed that this job will be an interesting experience every step of the way. Can’t wait!