week4 day 1

today was okay but it was hot and we did not have water untill almost the end : |


week3 day 3

today was a long day of filming our video but we got most of it done my first time being the camera person its not all that but its okay


week 3day 2

today was an ok day i had a lot of fun do the acting games but other than that it was a long day of making a story for my teams new film


week 3 day 1

today was a laid back day we didn’t do to much i got to work with imovie it was fun


week two day one

today was’n the best day because two people from my team did not come which made it hard to work or get things done


week one day 4

today was not the best day just because we didn’t do anything besides sit around and talk and play in the game room


week one day two

today was a lot of fun even tho I had to go to a hunted place and play hide n seek I relly liked using iMovie too