week8 day 3


today was a long day for me because I spent is writing a story that I really did not wanna write I AM NOT A WRITHER NOR A READER 🙂

StepUP week 8 Day 3


Today was fun. We went down to the gym when the director was planning stuff and played soccer, kickball. and dodgeball. Sadly though, today is Keanu and Toubee’s last day of StepUP.

step up week 8 day 3


today we read the scripts we wrote yesterday. mine was a pile of garbage. we chose madisons, hers is grate. we also did a lot of work on the shot types too.

Week 8, Day 3


Today was nerve wrecking cause we gotta read our script but it wasn’t that bad. I didn’t expect to get any votes on my script but to my surprise, I did. I’m excited for the Generation Z event that’s coming up.

Week 7 Day 2


We wrote our script today. It was hard because I didn’t think of a story, I just thought of an idea. So it was hard to quickly think of an ending and to think of what the character are saying/doing. I am not really proud of my story because it’s mostly just talking and not that much action. My story has no point, it’s boring.

week8 day2


today was a little boring because it just taping on the keyboards.I think the story is alright i can’t say u guys will like it but yeah.

Week 8 Day 2


Today we worked on our scripts. I finished mine, it’s only 6 pages long, and I tried my best with it, I think it’s an okay script. Lunch was also pretty good today.

Week 8, Day 2


I finally finished typing my script. It’s not as detailed and there’s a lot of dialouges but it seems good enough for me. I still don’t want to read my script out loud to everybody.

week 8 day 1


today was not a fun day at all all we did was review and write

lifeless ,boring , not fun