STEP UP Week 2 Day 3 OR Total Days without an Accident – 6

Today we learned about Grammerly, fish, the NBA G League, the Minnesota Lynx logo update and the fact that there is a G League NBA team in Iowa. The bank came to open accounts for anyone who wanted one and they left a bunch of small frisbees (people keep calling them coasters though) and other random objects for us. I love Taco Wednesday, because both tacos and Wednesday’s are delicious. The plural of lynx is lynxes. The admin team is working on newsletter content, I hope they can work fast.

In September of 2017, a Google Streetview equipped vehicle took this picture:


STEP UP Week 2 Day 2 — insert complaint here

I made BALL design, stole Steven’s idea who was inspired by one of our interns from 2017.

I do not like the complaints I am reading on this blog. STOP.

Thank you.

p.s.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ don’t forget my days are alwasy worse than yours, so stop complaining!

p.p.s. you can complain if you want to, but don’t


STEP-UP Week 1 Day 3

Today: work. Photoshop. I make this image; something about obesity. Do not follow my example of how not to write a blog post.



Hi everyone I’m starting a project about the history of YMF and I’m hoping i can get everyone thoughts.. Thanks


4th Day of Step Up

For today, we all recorded a 3 minute session of our voice and story onto a microphone. We later then listened to our voices and made some of the advices of the adjustments that we’ll be making next time.