YWCA Week 4 Day 3

I had such a great last day. It was sad to leave such amazing people. Today we got to starting our film production by organizing our script. It was a fun and happy day overall.


YWCA Week 4 Day 2

Today we got to pick which script we are gonna film and my group picked Tommys. Then we took a field trip to do a job fair in St Paul. It was interesting and fun with all the opportunities and hands on activities. I also got to learn more about my coworkers. They are fun to work with. Overall today was a fun and optimistic day.


YWCA Week 4 Day 1

Today we started our violence prevention scripts. It was pretty easy because I had already started ahead of time. It was a fun and hot day. I’m glad i get to have a new video group also because I can meet new people.


YWCA 2017 Week 4 Day 4

Today we got to meet two Minneapolis officers who came in and talked to us about their job. It was interesting to learn more about their opinion on the crimes in the community. I also learned more about narrative video filming. It was chill and a productive day.


YWCA 2017 Week 3 Day 2

Today our video group finally uploaded our videos we recorded yesterday and edited the movie. We got to finish our movie and I’m proud of my group for putting the effort into the our movie. I am looking forward to make more movies and edit my own videos to show my family.