step up week 5 day 13

today was very awkward. I was interacting with people. I’m not into interacting that much. it was in the y.m.c.a and it looked big. also, we practiced our rap. it’s a doozy… today was a 6/10.


Week 5 day 13

today was bad. I’m just pointing that out. I have to calm down my jokes because I got yelled at for making one. And lunch was horrible. At that, a vending machine took my dollar. That’s stupid! It’s a 1/10….


step up week 4 day 12

the professional training is bad. I dislike it because of my act. and the students reaction. at that, I’m around people who don’t have a same interest as me. also, lunch was bad. hey, at least we get paid. it’s a 2/10


step up week 4 day 11

today, we have a lack of people today. and we were stuck outside for a while this morning. a great way to start our morning! also, I was drinking cherry dr. pepper. it was gooooooooood! I like the lack of people to be honest. I’ll give this, 9.5/10


Step up week 4 day 10

today was very good. I’m actually glad that I got paid. We did some work and I had a meeting. It’s meh. But it’s not too boring neither. We finally got our meeting schedule planned out!


step up week 3 day 9

today, was a good day we did some work and ate some lunch. I’m actually disappointed when we didn’t go to m.o.a. but today was good. i’ll give this, 7/10


step up week 3 day 8

hello people, today is very good. we have no problems and time flew by. also, we did some work too! I like today. I felt entertained. I hope this type of day will keep up! i’ll give this, 10/10 ;>


step up week 3 day 7

today, we barley did anything. so today was basically a chill day. no sweat. no problem and the lunch was good.  I was still bored and kinda worried that we are doing this on purpose because we ignored the actions but in  reality, we have nothing planed. I give this day, 9/10. p.s: my mom had a baby girl and her name is kealla. >:]


step up week 2 day 6

today was very good we did some work but we weren’t super busy. we just hung out and planned our meeting. and we finally got lunch early! WOO! and we got some papers that out parents have to sign for our paycheck. I’m very tired but not in the irritated way. i give this day, 9/10. .-.


step up week 2 day 5

I dislike today because this morning, was SUPER boring. plus, the lunch was VERY late. so I’m upset. we basically wasted too much time for nothing. And this morning, we making a rap but I do not know why. I dislike rapping in the 8th grade. but still, I don’t mind. the only critique is to make sure to bring in the necessary stuff for lunch and be on time. plus, try not to waste time on one thing please. thank you. I give this, 4/10.