StepUp Week 5 Day 2

Today we finished editing out cultural stories film. Then we went to a career field and it was fun. It was really interesting because it was interactive. I liked the paint mixing and print pressing. I really liked gettin stylus pens because you can also use it on your electronics, and I draw in my phone, so its a benefit for me. When we came back, we started filming our next film and we’re improving it. Hopefully it turns out good.


StepUp Week 5 Day 1

Today, my video team and I looked over our script, but we didn’t like it, so Chou was telling us two cultural stories, which were good. But anyways, we came up with an idea we liked, and we wrote it and shot it. It was a creepy idea, but it was a good idea. We finished shooing, so I hope that editing it would turn out okay!


Stepup Week 4 Day 2

Today was a chill day. For video production, we was gonna watch a thai horror movie but it kept buffering so we decided to watch lord of the rings. It was interesting. I really liked the hotdogs today! Today was really tiring for me because I went to sleep really late, but hopefully I’ll get some more sleep once I get home.


StepUp Week 4 Day 1

Today, we finished shooting our violence prevention Video. It was to prevent bullying because many high school youths have considered suicide. We finished editing our BALL film and also finished editing our violence prevention. I’m actually satisfied with how both films turns out and hopefully our “cultural story” film turn out well too! Our films are on youtube if anyone else wants to watch it! Today was a productive day.


StepUp Week 3 Day 3

Today my video production team continued our production on our third film and we also finished production today. We started brainstorming another idea for violence prevention, which we’re probably going to call it Silence Kills. The editing team pretty much finished editing for the third film too, we just need to finish finalizing it! Today was a good day.


StepUp Week 3 Day 2

Today, I finished editing our second film, but chou finalized it by putting in some music and cutting things out that didn’t make sense. Overall, I think it was better than the first film we made. The other team in our video production started their production and is finishing soon, while my group just started production for our third film. Honestly, I was getting angry because we were only shooting one scene for today, but half the team was messing around too much and wouldn’t pay attention and behave when the director of someone told them to focus. Today was a tiring day for me.


Stepup Week 3 Day 1

Today, we finished our production for the second film before lunch. Our video production team split up into two team because a lot of the people weren’t doing a lot, and I have both Tommys, Lucian, Andres, Valerie and Kashia on my team! Hopefully both teams will create good films! Right now, we’re editing the second film too, and it’s turning out okay. Both teams have finished writing the next script, and hopefully the next two films turn out great!


StepUp Week 2 Day 3

Today, our video team finished editing our first film and we watched it. It was okay for our first film, we could’ve worked on some technical things and working together, which we will be for our second film. Our writer and director finished finalizing the second script and we started shooting the scene we could, because we didn’t have all the props. I am the DP for this film, which is cameraman, and hopefully this film turns out better than the first for improving.


StepUp Week 2 Day 2

Today during video production, we did a drawing for the BALL thing, and went outside to take pictures. Then we came back and we started brainstorming for our BALL production while our editor, director and AD was gonna finish editing the first short film soon. I’m interested in how it turns out. Anyways we came up with a football idea, basketball idea and an instructional idea. We went with an instructional video and finished writing the script. Hopefully this film turns out okay as how we hope.


StepUp Week 2 Day 1

Today was our first day of production, and we pretty much finished it. it was a short film about obesity prevention, and I played the role of the ghost. it was really hot for me, because I was stuffed with blankets, but it was a pretty fun day I guess. hopefully this film turns out good when we’re done with post-production