StepUp Week 1 Day 3

I heard today most the people went out to stretch and take group pictures, but 3 youths and I helped Chou with putting his gameshow away. Then we split into our groups and we finished pre-production with our script. we scouted the warehouse for our script, it was fun overall.


StepUp Week 1 Day 2

I disliked the walk because it was a bit chilly. Because I am in the year-round film group with AMA, the training with the video production was pretty boring and was a lot of reviewing. I learned more about bicultural and resilience. Brainstorming ideas with the group was really interesting because their minds are really creative. But overall, today was an interesting day.


STEPUP Week 1 Day 1

I think today was a fun first day because we did ice breakers to get to know each other somewhat. I learned more about financial literacy by a game show, and was reminded to not slack off at work. I liked working in small groups because it was easier to get to know the people little by little I guess.