Week 9 Day 3

We Organized the store stuff here folder and renamed our documents. We made a post sharing a cultural experience of our own in tribute of International Youth Day. Then we had free time and took photos.


International youth day 2017

On international youth day I was in North West MN, but I can tell a personal cultural story of my own. When I was younger my grandparents would have foreign exchange students stay at their house. It was really fun for me to get to know them and learn about their home and culture. My favorite exchange student was a German 17 year old named Arron. He was really friendly and he showed us how to make stroopwaffle cakes, polish sausage, sourkrout and much more. I think meeting different people is an important learning experience.


Week 8 Day 1

Today we started working on the anti drug abuse postcard. I got information and pictures before time was up and I got to work. I don’t have the exported file so I have the psd instead 


Week 7 Days 1 & 2

On Monday we played games in the warehouse and took a couple breaks then we went to the park and played capture the flag. On Tuesday we began working on our postcard on cultural exercise. I learned about a game called Kübb from Norway. KubbGameDoran


Week 6 Day 3

Started working on a little project of my own and made a youtube video too. I finished my weeks work.


Week 6 Day 1&2

Yesterday was insane, after the morning we started working on our post cards focusing on cultural alternative medicine. Today we finished our cards and it was more laid back.


Week 5 Day 1

We started off the day by doing our daily stretches and were given a brief preview and perspective of cultural stories. Trevor was a no show so there wasn’t a substitute William here today 🙁

I made a paper draft I might work on later but for today I made something I thought was a little better. I pretty much finished it and I’m pretty happy with it. I Hope you are all having a good time in Japan (looks good from Elijahs POV)


Week 4 Day 2

We finally got to go on  a walk again. I think the anti-terrorism post card turned out good, but I just wish I knew what I wanted out of a post card. We also had a guest speaker come in and he told us about his job and encouraged us to go far.


week 4 day 1

I’m getting the hang of some of the basics. I’m thinking about making a second more graphic design style post card as well. 


Week 3 Day 3

Today we didn’t do  a whole lot but I learned how to put a mask behind an object to make a background. We got to clean after having a little pep-talk.