Step up week 9 day 2

So today was the last day here for me, I’ll see everyone again with like the Guthrie celebration but my last day here. Fun times this summer.


Step up week 8 day 3

Today we went to the MOA and heard what they had to say after a bus + light rail ride. Then we went around and found this bowling zone and bowled and that was that. Good times all around.


Step up week 8 day 1

Today we finally almost finished recording. Our project took like forever but at least we should be on the cusp, ight that’s all


Step up week 7 day 1

So today was like a lot of dancing. That’s like our new film idea. I mean I’m not like a big fan of it, but I’m just rolling with it.


Step up week 6 day 2

Today we did a lot of dancing because that’s what out new project kind of requires a lot of. So we’re out here learning some kpop moves and that.


Step up week 6 day 1

Today was kind of tough, being that the theme of the week is kind of hard to film. But we whipped up a little something,  should be out tomorrow.


Step up week 5 day 3

Today we finished the rest of vaporub filming. We edited it and I’d say it was 6 dollars well spent on the run. Then had some downtime and I’m ready for a good snack now.

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