STEP-UP Week 9 Day 4

There wasn’t much things to do today, but it was still a good day nonetheless. I’ll post the postcards a few days ago here because I haven’t been posting any lately. It was a fun summer this year at Asian Media Access (AMA).


STEP-UP Week 9 Day 3

I apologize for the late blog, but hopefully I’m still safe because it is not 12’o clock yet. Today I was more occupied than I ever was, since I had to fix some of my postcards and take 4 quizzes and an interview. I have not blog for neither one of the two days that had past, and I also noticed that I haven’t post any postcards lately. My actions are very worrisome even for me. Negative feelings aside, I am very excited because this will be the last week of work! Though it’s not like I dislike my job. I just hope the upcoming events will be enjoying. And… I also forgot what I was supposed to be blogging. My deepest apology.


STEP-UP Week 8 Day 3

Today the AMA went to MOA. It wasn’t that bad a day, despite the fact that I walked everywhere in the mall and haven’t buy anything at all, except food. Anyways, on the other hand, I learned some interesting history of MOA, rode the Metro train the very first time, became friends with my co-workers, and get paid properly. That’s why it was actually fun, despiting the hot weather too.


STEP-UP Week 8 Day 2

Yesterday I didn’t have enough time to type because of the announcement to the MOA. I had Mr. William checked my 8th Weekly Theme Postcard and he approved, but I had to fix my 7th Weekly Theme postcard because I didn’t call him to check since there wasn’t enough time to. He also took us to a LONG walk at the park and on the train trail, which was… ok, I guess. Anyway, I am excited to go to MOA tomorrow!


STEP-UP Week 8 Day 2

This Weekly theme took me the whole day to finish, which surprises me because it doesn’t usually took me that long to finish a postcard. I hope the postcard doesn’t turn out that bad, for it took me a while to complete it. But all is well because I won’t get bore very easily. And like always, I will have Mr. William check it for me tomorrow. It wasn’t a bad day overall.


STEP-UP Week 7 Day 2

The Asian Media Access Interns and their Supervisors went canoeing today. It was a fun and exciting experience for me, although the water bugs ruined it a little. I also got to play a good game with everyone over there, and bond a nice relationship with a few people I met. Even though the weather was a bit cold at first, it quickly turned hot over time. But I was fine with the weather because of the water and breeze while we all were enjoying canoeing.


STEP-UP Week 7 Day 1

This Weekly Theme postcard that I created seems to come out really simple because of the lack of resources. I will have Mr. William check it another time for any suggestion. Today we haven’t take any walks at all due to the weather, and I had lunch without any juice again. Even though all the stuff I’ve been typing seems like I’m complaining, it wasn’t actually all that bad. We got to watch an interesting animated movie for about 30 minutes before blogging, and I had some time to explore Photoshop again and again. I hope I can get the chance to finish the movie properly though.


STEP-UP Week 6 Day 2

I had Mr. William checked my completed Cultural Medicine postcard, and he suggested that I change the font and I did.

Then I had most of the day to myself to explore photoshop again, and to test my typing skills on a website with my Supervisor and Co-workers. The lunch tasted delicious this time, but the problem now is the drinks. Sadly, I barely remember drinking any juice. Although the snacks ran out yesterday, I hope there is more for everyone this time.


STEP-UP Week 6 Day 1

The postcard for this week Weekly Theme: Cultural Medicine wasn’t so bad. I finished it within half of the day, although I didn’t get my supervisor to check it yet. The other half of the day was exploring Photoshop again, which was great but tiring. I hope we would receive more food for lunch next time, and a better schedule to comprehend. There’s too much thing to do and too much places to go to, that I do not even understand what my schedule is anymore. I hope everything will go fine in the near future.


STEP-UP Week 5 Day 2

Today was a good day. I had a lot of free time on the computer to explore photoshop again. The food also tasted very delicious too. My Supervisor and Co-workers were also joking while doing their work like everyday. I am starting to find every same ol’ day to be very nice and fun. The career fair was okay, even though it was a little bit odd here and there. I suggest there be more work/career choices, and while being more welcoming.