week8 day3

today was fun we played in the gym and we had fun.Also it was cool and we play soccer and other stuff


week8 day2

today was a little boring because it just taping on the keyboards.I think the story is alright i can’t say u guys will like it but yeah.


week8 day1

today was boring to much taping on the the keys.also it was a little fun not really just try to make this a little bit longer because i have nothing to write more.


week7 day 4

Today was so boring because have to think about the story so much.also it was okay i guess because of the break.


week7 day 3

Today was chill there nothing much to do but watch them editing.It was cool to go to the game room the chill.


week7 day2

today was not bad we did some filming but we got 3 more to go.Also to is chill because we did some work and hangout for a bit.


week6 day4

today was chill because we did not to much and we are done with the story writing.also today was fun we talk more in the group and they we’re cool.


week6 day3

today was hard to write a story thing and i took 1 hour of thinking and 1 or 2 hour of working on it.also I can see how hard it is of be a guys who is make the shoots


week6 day1

today was chill we nothing much but help the other group with a shoot.Also max is all most done with the editing of the film.


Week 5 Day4

Today was fun we are done with the film and other stuff.Today was also a little cool because we was filming and we are at the editing part.