Week Five Day Two

Today I worked on scene 11. The character doesn’t have a pose that looks natural when falling. For now I used a sitting pose. I might change the background, since it’s a moving background, into a still one..


Week Five Day Two

Today I worked on scene 7-10. I have scene 7 done and I had to do a little detail work on scene 8. Scene 9 and 10 is a little tough since I honestly don’t know what I should do.


Week Four Day Five

Today I finally fixed the problem with my video with the help of Stephen Lu, my boss. The video looks much better now and I hope I don’t get any more troubles. Probably will but I will find the solution. I will also continue to create and edit.


Week 4 Day 4

Today I started making scene four and scene five of the video. I’m still having trouble with the camera movements and the transitions. All of the scenes I have so far almost make a minute and it takes me so long to make one scene. Now the scenes are messing each other up. This is going to be a problem if I can’t figure out why.


Week 4 day 2 shadiya

Today we worked on some animaker projects honestly im starting to really love the process of making animations and making my words move. Overall I think im starting to grow a passion toward animation making.


Week 4 Day 2

Today, we officially started on creating an animation video as a group. This Animaker video is going to be about the Hmong refugee experience. Will be working on it for three weeks. First two weeks, we are creating the scenes and transitions. Then, the last week we will be editing the scenes.


Week Four Day Three

Today I I started on scene three of the video. I did more editing than creating because the transitions of the scenes weren’t matching. For example, one scene would be zoomed in and it would also zoom in on another scene. Also there a was one scene that wouldn’t show even after I deleted it and added it back in. SO frustrating!


Step-Up 07/27- Jarena

Today I was a little confused but then asked some questions and got it. We talked about our project with our groups. Also today was more of a listening day. Overall it was pretty chill.