Step Up: Week 9 Day 3


Today was kind of stressful. The time limit made it difficult for me and my actors to make mistakes or tweak things/camera angles. I’m glad we get an extra hour tomorrow for editing so we can really clean up all the clips we got today. I hope this turns out good because we put a lot of effort into this final project.

Week 9 Day 3

Today was pretty fun. We got done with production for our last film. This will probably be the last time that I blog. Byee

StepUp19: Week 8 Day 3


Today was busy. I really doubted I would get chosen for the script/director role. I’m a bit overwhelmed being the director. I really liked the other scripts, Yer’s was the one that stood out to me the most. I feel less stressed for this project because I trust my camera man and the gaffer to really visually represent my story well. This time I will do my best to be a better more straightforward director.

Week 8 Day 3


Today we voted for which film we wanted to do, we’re using Madison’s script. I think it’ll be good if we can just act well and if we have good shots. I also liked Yer’s script.

week8 day3


today was fun we played in the gym and we had fun.Also it was cool and we play soccer and other stuff

week8 day 3


today was a long day for me because I spent is writing a story that I really did not wanna write I AM NOT A WRITHER NOR A READER πŸ™‚

StepUP week 8 Day 3


Today was fun. We went down to the gym when the director was planning stuff and played soccer, kickball. and dodgeball. Sadly though, today is Keanu and Toubee’s last day of StepUP.