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fact i didn't know

A study found that 53% of thirteen-year-old American girls are unhappy with their bodies. This number grows to 78% by the time girls reach seventeen.

i see woman go through this and destroy them inside and now you tell me 13 year olds are unconfrontable


Smoking In The Community.

Young people smoke because they think it will calm them down and make them not as stressed. It is hard to quit smoking because the user gets addicted. Once the user gets addicted t the nicotine in a cigarette it could take years before that person can quit smoking. I actually don’t know many people who smoke so it has never really affected me or my life. The few people who I do know who smoke aren’t very close too me anyways, so again they don’t affect me. I chose to live tobacco free because I know that smoking can lead to cancers and other health risk. I don’t want my life cut short for an  addiction I can avoid. Also choosing to love tobacco free also means that I should al least tell others of the possible health risks of smoking because in the long run smoking will eventually lead to death.


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Smoking is a very bad habit to teens and adults.
Young people who smokes is at least at the age of 15 yrs. old & up. Why
young people do smoke is because of stress from problems round them,
peered pressured from peers, education, and in different perspective some
people thinks it's "cool." Most young people who find it hard to quit
smoking is because of so much nicotine that they get from regular use of
smoking causing addictions. In some use and people who I know that smokes has
affected me in ways I don't want to see myself in the next couple of years. I
don't want close family relatives to pass away from addictions that I could
stop them from. So everytime when I attend to family gatherings, I’ll target
the people who smokes and put some good sense into them. I'm not even kidding.
I even convinced my boyfriend to stop smoking and it's been a year since he had
one. It's bad to all people who smoke and people who are around them. It could
give you (second-hand smoke) lung cancer even if you never smoked a cigarette
images-1in your life. So that's why I choose to be tobacco free.

Tobacco Sentences.

Happiness is…. Means healthiness

A true friend is… the one who is not peer pressuring you

Think twice before… take that puff

My advice is… for you to quit now

You’ve got to…quit now or it will get worse

If you wish…to quit, I can help

Healthy is suppose to…be tobacco free

Every Cloud…looks like smoke

Everything in life is easy if you…relive your stress a different way

Grandma thinks…you need help

If things seem crazy… I want you to stop

The way to get rid of a problem is… to overcome it

I just don’t understand why… you smoke

If you are tired of working…take a break

When you get old…you will regret smoking

If you feel like everything is going wrong, you should…not smoke

If you feel like giving up you should…give it another try

When you get a boyfriend you should…stop smoking.

If you miss someone a lot, you can always, try to not smoke.

If you see a tornado coming…smoking isn’t going to help.

If you want to be a winner, you need to…quit smoking.

If you want good advice you should…try to quit.

The great thing about getting old is…your are tobacco free

Life is like…happiness is you don’t smoke and live longer

Life’s up and downs are…sometimes because of tobacco.

The best advice in life is…to live it to the fullest.

HEALTH is not like… a smoked up black lung or a bad heart

No matter where you go… theres always help.

Ok, get this straight…SMOKING IS NOT COOL

The way to solve a problem is…not by smoking

The one rule in life is…to not die young.

The secret of success is…don’t stop trying.

Always remember… smoking isn’t a stress reliever

When opportunity knocks… take advantage of it

When you miss somebody you should… think about the good

You know someone is your friend when…they want to help you.

You can always win if you just…believe that you can

If you need to fix something, you should…try your best

All you need in life is….happiness

If things get you down you should…not smoke

The best way to stay out of trouble…is to not be a follower

No matter what don’t forget…that smoking kills.


fact sheets about tobacco

Tobacco effects million of people in the US. cigarettes contains thousands of poisons  including nicotine nicotine is the poison in the cigarets  that makes you addicted to it therfor you will keep buying it.Around 5.4 millions deaths are caused per year due to tobacco. according to statistics tobacco will kill  billion people by the end of the 21st century.

-Cigarettes are the single-most traded item on the planet, with approximately 1 trillion being sold from country to country each year. At a global take of more than $400 billion, it’s one of the world’s largest industries.

The American brands Marlboro, Kool, Camel and Kent own roughly 70% of the global cigarette market.

In most countries around the world, the legal age for the purchase of tobacco products is now 18, raised from 16, while in Japan the age minimum is 20 years old.

Cigarettes contain arsenic, formaldehyde, lead, hydrogen cyanide, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, ammonia and 43 known carcinogens.

. The U.S. states with the highest percentage of smokers are Kentucky (28.7%), Indiana (27.3%), and Tennessee (26.8%), while the states with the fewest are Utah (11.5%), California ( 15.2%), and Connecticut (16.5%).

he United States is the only major cigarette market in the world in which the percentage of women smoking cigarettes (22%) comes close to the number of men who smoke (35%). Europe has a slightly larger gap (46% of men smoke, 26% of women smoke), while most other regions have few women smokers. The stats: Africa (29% of men smoke, 4% of women smoke); Southeast Asia (44% of men, 4% of women), Western Pacific (60% of men, 8% of women.

Nicotine reaches the brain within 10 seconds after smoke is inhaled. It has been found in every part of the body and in breast milk.

Sugar approximates to roughly 20% of a cigarette, and many diabetics are unaware of this secret sugar intake. Also, the effect of burning sugar is unknown.

‘Lite’ cigarettes are produced by infusing tobacco with CO2 and superheating it until the tobacco ‘puffs up’ like expanding foam. The expanded tobacco then fills the same paper tube as ‘regular’ tobacco.

Smokers draw on ‘lite’ and menthol cigarettes harder (on average) than regular cigarettes; causing the same overall levels of tar and nicotine to be consumed

Worldwide, approximately 10 million cigarettes are purchased a minute, 15 billion are sold each day, and upwards of 5 trillion are produced and used on an annual basis.

Worldwide, approximately 10 million cigarettes are purchased a minute, 15 billion are sold each day, and upwards of 5 trillion are produced and used on an annual basis.
Smoking causes disease and is a slow way to die. The strain of smoking effects on the body often causes years of suffering. Emphysema is an illness that slowly rots your lungs. People with emphysema often get bronchitis again and again, and suffer lung and heart failure




It has been proved that  smoking is one thing that is really bad for you.  Reword the sentence. Smoking is taking over so many peoples lives.  Smoking kills  many people every year.  Indicate how many. Tobacco is something that becomes very addictive. Tobacco is taking the live of our people in America and we need to change.  Smoking  comes with so  many diseases for people and so many deaths.

.                                Facts about smoking

Cigarette smoking has been identified as the most important source of preventable morbidity and premature mortality in the United States and the world.

  • Smoking-related diseases cause an estimated 440,000 American deaths each year.
  • Smoking costs the United States over $150 billion annually in health care costs.
  • A 2004 Study by the CDC’s National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion found that cigarette smoke contains over 4,800 chemicals, 69 of which are known to cause cancer.
  • Women account for 39 percent of all smoking deaths.
  • There are 1.1 billion smokers in the world today, and if current trends continue, that number is expected to increase to 1.6 billion by the year 2025.
  • China is home to 300 million smokers who consume approximately 1.7 trillion cigarettes a year, or 3 million cigarettes a minute

In the United States we need a change because we are losing too many people to smoking. So lets work together to fight  this so we can live a long healthy life. You are not just hurting yourself you are also hurting your family and your children. Do it for all of us so we can all live a positive life.