Step-Up Week 3 Day 1

Today at step up it was very chill day(the usual for our group). We are working on a new news letter,and we are still trying to find our rhythm for our song (I guess). Today I didn’t feel the best but I kept on moving and pushing through. I got sick because my dad decided that in the middle of the night it would be okay to freeze me to death. Other than that today wasn’t very eventful,i’m just happy that I wasn’t as sick as two days ago.  I hope everyone does not get sick and feels way better than I do.



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  1. Chaos thunder

    look, at least you are not feeling the you are getting cooked. so I hope you feel better! also, my nose is stuffy for some reason. >:]

  2. Mr. William

    This is amazing, I mean you are able to still post on the blog even after having been frozen to DEATH! Wow, just wow.


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