Step-Up Week 3 Day 1

Today at step up it was very chill day(the usual for our group). We are working on a new news letter,and we are still trying to find our rhythm for our song (I guess). Today I didn’t feel the best but I kept on moving and pushing through. I got sick because my dad decided that in the middle of the night it would be okay to freeze me to death. Other than that today wasn’t very eventful,i’m just happy that I wasn’t as sick as two days ago.  I hope everyone does not get sick and feels way better than I do.


Step-Up Week 2 Day 3

Today was a very chill day for me and my group. We put together a newsletter and we chilled and listen to music. I also tried to play the piano but it kept shutting off so it wasn’t very entertaining. I honestly wish that we had a guitar in here because I love to play the guitar like a lot. There really wasn’t anything that was hella eventful but we did get a new worker here, he is umm……interesting I honestly haven’t even really  met him but he seems “cool” I guess. Our lunch was smack like we had chicken taco’s it was waaaaay better than yesterday’s bloody chicken. Well  thats all I have to say for today,I hope everyone had a nice day.


Step-Up Week 2 Day 2 ಠ_ಠ

I have never been so annoyed a day in my life. I legit don’t want anything more in my life right now than to be left alone so I can listen to my music.It took me a lot today to get out of bed and get ready. I also figured out I have no friends because you know those don’t exist ( ̄(工) ̄).  Today I’m just highly annoyed and I didn’t even want to write at all,but I hope everyone else is having a nice day.


Step-Up Week 2 Day 1

Welp,today was okay me and my awesome crew enjoyed each others company and we all came closer together. We also worked on our song with Victoria which was highly stressful,but it was worth it because it gave people inspiration I guess. We also got tickets to an opera show,which we also have to go pick up tomorrow so I guess that’s new. Today wasn’t very eventful it was kind of tame.


Step-Up week 1 ,day 2 (^_^*)

Today was actually pretty better than yesterday. Even though I had to run to work today it was all made up because of my group. I love being in Tie’s group it’s very fun and highly interesting. We met a person named Victoria she was very nice and gave very motivational speeches to my group which kind of brighten my day. Moreover,I made an amazing friend name JJ (heeeeeeeeeeey) she is like me we both have a very big common interest WE BOTH LIKE J.COLE (he is my favorite artist to exist) so that was a very important thing to me. I also surprisingly love my job task,I’m not going to flex but I thought it was going to be lame by the way Tie discribed it yesterday and I thought all of us were not going to get along as fast as we did. Furthermore I enjoyed the ice breakers that we did today it was fun and hope we get to do more of those but with different people. I had a very fantastic day today and also happy birthday Alex I hoped you had a great birthday.(╹◡╹)


Step-Up week 1 day 1

So my first day at work is pretty stressful. For starters I had to wake up at 6:00am to get ready and that night I didn’t get any sleep so i’m running off of little to no sleep. Also on my way to work I took the wrong bus and ended on the other side of the town. So I had to call my mother so she can come pick me up and drop me off over here. So far my real first day is kind of lame, to be completely honest with you. The staff here is pretty nice its just that when you don’t have anyone to talk to or relate to its just so monotonous (boring). So far today i’ve learned some steps to help me save and manage money. Which I highly appreciate because I know I will need it in my future. As well so far the only major downfall about this job is how I have to get here I literally take a four minute bus ride and then walk 34 minutes everyday to work. Therefore I believe I can learn so much from this job and i’m happy that I chose this job and believe once I get into things that it will be fun.   🙂