Step week 5 day 3

Today we finished writing our new srcipt
And we had diffculty choseing gost or canibal. We use chu to break the tie. Canibal won an we started recornding.


Step up week 5 day 2

Today we went to the job fare. I learn i am intreated of becoming a elctrcian. I also tried mix paint and sorting paper. I also to a color blind test i finshed 26 seconds with them all right. Overall a good day


Stepup WEEk2 DAY2

Today we came out with new ideas. learned how to use the sound equipment. At first I had no idea how to set it up but now I have got it.


Stepup week 2 day 2

Today was alright. We sat during traning alot but the activtes after were nice. The streching in the morning was boring. Overall today was alright.


Stepup week 1- day 1

Today we went over what ball. It taught us that being bicaultural is a great thing. Also i made up ideas for the flim. Today was fun.