Snack Time! Everybody Wash Your Hands! STEP-UP Week 6 Day 2

Snack Time! Everybody Wash Your Hands!

This is my 10 minute shark man sketch. He comes complete w/ boxing gloves, crown, peg leg, knife leg, and pedobear chest tattoo. Then we type raced to improve our typing abilities and make strong hands. I won every time at 67 – 80+ WPM. Sorry yall.


STEP-UP Week 5 Day 3 – Adobe Illustrator, Cultural Stories, Type Racer, Pedobear

Today we were mostly finished with out Cultural Stories postcard designs, so everyone had free time and about half of the group spent it learning how to use Adobe Illustrator. I was introduced to Type Racer and Pedobear, only one of which is NSFW (hint: it’s pedobear). I made an emoji thing out of his head and also a Smokey the Bear fire prevention postcard. Next week we will have a few team members missing from our group and on Monday some of us will go to the US Bank Stadium for a technology tour.


STEP-UP Week 3 Day 1 – Don’t Text

Today I make poster. It is about the dangers of many things, but mostly OMW. OMW means, ‘on my way’, which is an abbreviation used by serial texters. Abbreviations are used by people without time to text, which is common when driving, although not in Arizona, because there is no law against phone use while driving in Arizona. The statistics used on this flyer are mostly alternative facts, but not the one for texting while driving AKA distracted driving. Don’t text while driving, maybe you get hurt, maybe you hurt people or tree. Insurance money will not produce resurrection.