4th Day of Step Up

For today, we all recorded a 3 minute session of our voice and story onto a microphone. We later then listened to our voices and made some of the advices of the adjustments that we’ll be making next time.



Hi everyone I’m starting a project about the history of YMF and I’m hoping i can get everyone thoughts.. Thanks


4th Day of Step Up

Today I learned how to use the recorder and record myself summarizing a story and my opinions on it. I also learned how the recorder functions. I hope to learn more.


Fourth Day on Step-Up

Today we did some practice recording from stories that we researched or watched. I’ve watched about Oprah Winfrey. She talked about struggles and how to surrender it. After recording, we as a group, listened to each other’s recording and shared our opinions on it. I feel like I did bad on it, so I’ll totally improve next time. I’m looking forward to next week!


The Media

Today we had a discussion about the media.  We talked about how is constructs our society and how it affects our thoughts, attitude, and actions.  The media constructs our society because it persuave


There’s many reasons someone would go to college, for fun, education, money, opportunities. In my persperctive, of course there’s all the fun and other things. But there are two main reasons I want to go to college and finish it. Number one is that I want to be able to get out of Minneapolis. It’s a great place but I’ve spent almost my entire life in North Minneapolis. And I just want to be able to see new places and learn new things. And the second reason I want to go to college is that I want to feel like I’ve achieve something good. My family is a big family, and the very