Step up week 7 day 1

today I basically researched more for the meeting and trying to make up a new rap before recording because I lost it. The rap thing is honestly not for me and I don’t like performing in general, but podcasting learning and listening was pretty cool and I hope to learn more on Monday.


Step up week 6 day 2

today I researched music for our meeting and I did Bollywood music because of it heavily influences my culture and I really like it and its good for people to be exposed to other cultures. I feel like this meeting will be an eye-opener for people.


week 6 day 1

today I was working on the newsletter from the week before and I was kind of struggling to get ideas on how to write it and form the ideas to do so since I’m a perfectionist, and everything has to accordingly. I kind of struggled but I’m finishing up so hopefully, I pull through.


Week 5 Day 2

today we went to a job fair and explored options besides going to school by looking into jobs in the manufacturing industry such as engineering or construction that are high in demand and the companies might even pay for your schooling and you could make as much as a person with a four year degree which I think is pretty neat but I still want to go to college because I have chosen my intended major.


Step Up Week 5 Day 1

today I was pretty stressed because I still need to add a line to my rap and the interviews we taped we lost so we just have to conduct another one. Also on the professional development day we just talked more about future career options and choice. we took tests and broke off into groups, honestly, it was like school which made it boring.


Step Up week 4 day 3

today more than half of my group was here so that was more people than yesterday. We talked about our upcoming meeting and conducted interviews for this weeks newsletter.


Step up week 4 day 2

yesterday I was the only one who had the step up training day out of all the interns that means that today people get to leave early I guess I have to stay which is weird I think cause I’m the only intern that doesn’t leave early, today was a pretty chill day  because half of my team was gone so we watched a movie, the movie was talking about the difference and similarities between poetry and rap.


Step Up Week 3 Day 3

Today was the day we were supposed to go to the mall, but we instead used it as a work day which, to be honest, I kind of required. I was behind on the newsletter, which I now finished. I finished my work early so I kind of just chilled and worked on my rap.


Step up Week3 day 2

Today was a pretty chill day we watched a movie about a character getting over his failure in the entertainment industry throughout the film we saw how he grew and overcame his fears. Tie went to the doctor today because she was having trouble with her vision, we were really worried because she might need surgery. we tried our best to get work done and all focused on our assignment I and Antwan conducted interviews for the newsletter.


Step Up Week 3 Day 1

today was a pretty laid back type of day we mostly memorized our raps and played team building games. I served lunch for the first time and it was pretty hectic to keep up with pace of the line and i really don’t know how people do this for a living without freaking out because you try to give everyone the same portion but that didn’t seem to happen for me i either gave too little or too much. I also commented on blogs again which to be honest are really boring and i feel kind of like a hypocrite when commenting because i’m like try to write more and how you felt when some of my blogs quite literally sucked.