Step-Up Week 9 Day 2

Today in graphic design we finished up our projects from the previous weeks as well as adding some finishing touches to the postcards we made several weeks ago. Today we also did a bunch of surveys about our work experience and whatnot. I had about 3 sodas and two bags of chips and a bag of cookies. The day was pretty slow we didn’t have much to do so we resorted to other methods of working.


Step-Up Week 8 Day 3

Today in graphic design we went along with the other groups to MoA to listen to a presentation about the history of the Mall. We arrived at the Mall half an hour earlier than we were scheduled to so that have us 20 minutes it’s a to go around and do some shopping and whatnot. After the presentation we were allowed to go around and do whatever we liked. The lunch for me was cinnabons with a smoothie from orange Julius and a peace tea as well. Today was a pretty eventful day.


Step-Up Week 8 Day 2

Today in graphic design we continued working on and most of us should’ve finished our substance abuse postcards. Today I didn’t have very much to do other than fixing my postcard from about two week s ago. I didn’t really change this weeks postcard since all there was to do was move around the text a little and change some colors in the icons in the bottom left. Today for lunch we had rice with some lettuce and little bits of fish, which were pretty good. We didn’t have a walk directly after lunch instead we walked around 3:00ish which we went and chilled at the park. I ate some dirt after slipping off the swing mid-swing that wasn’t too fun. We took an odd way back when we walked through a path to the train tracks and walked back from there. Today was a pretty average day.


Step-Up Week 8 Day 1

Today in Graphic design we began working on our substance prevention postcards. I couldn’t think of an solid idea that I’d wanna base my postcard upon. I had two ideas figured ideas I wanted to try but the first one involved with too many overlapping shapes. I then went on to work on the second idea which is the image below. The lunch today was pretty good I enjoyed the pizza. Today became really slow around 3:00ish and was for the next hour or so. Our supervisor left us to our own devices which during that time period we discussed important political notions. Overall today was an average day.


Step-Up Week 7 Day 2

Today in graphic design we went along with the other groups to go canoeing down the Mississippi river. It was really fun got to talk to people I normally wouldn’t I chucked my paddle and the end of it hit me square in the tissue on my shoulder so now it’s very tender. I enjoyed canoeing and would like to do it again. The lunch today was alright it was an d’s Reich with chips and some juicy juice. Overall today was a fun day.


Step-Up Week 7 Day 1

Today in graphic design we began working on our cultural exercise postcards. My design is gonna be based around the futball culture in Mali and how it has been ingrained like many other countries into everyday societies. The lunch today was alright, the grain things tasted ok and the turkey sausage was really good. The later part of the day got pretty slow as I couldn’t think of any more ideas for my postcard.


Step-Up Week 6 Day 2

Today in Graphic design we worked and finished our Cultural Medicine postcards I added more effects to the sun Ball logo as well as replaced the character with someone with a little bit more perspective to it. The lunch today was pretty good the “tortillas” or whatever they were certainly weren’t my favorite item that’s been served but everything else was good. The really lightweight killers we did earlier were pretty easy when we had to do the runs I slid and got oil or whatever that was on the floor in my cut from yesterday. I had a pretty good time for like half an hour with the group as most of us were playing type-racer I was in 2nd place the entire time since nobody could beat William.



Step-Up Week 6 Day 1

Today in graphic design we began working on our cultural medicine postcard. Today for lunch we had ok hotdogs w/ beans which were really sweet and watermelon which was pretty juicy. The day was pretty slow after lunch since a lot of the work for the post card had already been done and I had to think of touches to put on my postcard, and I’m still in the process of finding a higher quality image to put as the guy “balancing” over the edge. For about a third of the day our supervisor had gone somewhere for a meeting, and that made the day slower since we could no longer get semi-professional feedback on our work. Overall today was a slow day.


Step-Up Week 5 Day 3

Today in graphic design we didn’t have a lot to do so a lot of us worked on miscellaneous projects or learned/practiced Adobe Illustrator. Today wasn’t a very eventfull day I made an design earlier in the day but then decided to just put an overlay over the design and here’s the final project. Yesterday WammerKammer or whatever it was called was pretty interesting one of the booths suggested I become an architect because of my interest in using AutoCaDD. There wasn’t a wide enough variety of jobs most of them were jobs that required minimal schooling and would provide well for yourself for life. I also became addicted to Typeracer which is a pretty fun webgame. Overall today was an boring day.


Step-Up Week 5 Day 2

Today In graphic design we stared out going out front to have the newest intern, who came from China to shown us some dance moves which were fun to make fools of ourselves. We then preceded to go inside and work until the school bus was scheduled to arrive at 11:00 but didn’t arrive for another 10 minutes. We took the bus to the YMCA in Maplewood to have an opportunity to possibly find a future career. The lunches at the Y weren’t half bad for sandwich baggy lunches. The ride back was pretty calm I tried to fall asleep but only managed to close my eyes for a few minutes on our way back. After we got back we went back to working on our Cultural Stories postcards. I mostly wrapped up my postcard by adding the finishing touches to the Ball sun and more attention to color.