Step Up Week 6 Day 2

We didn’t do much today but research Victoria was suppose to come so we could work on our rap but she never showed up I didn’t eat much but bread and the vending machine wasn’t taking my dollar so I don’t remember the last time I drunk something hopefully my bus doesn’t come late to pick me up because I’m pretty hungry


Week 5 day 3

Wow I haven’t really been blogging lately I guess I don’t really see a point in it nor commenting on the blog since no one checks their comments but I mean it gives us time for setting up snack other then that I find it competently useless and just an activity that takes up time uh i guess thats all have to say for now I don’t know if I’ll continue blogging unless I’m forced so yup


Week 3 Day 3

Today was the day that we were supposed to go to the mall but didn’t. I’m honestly so disappointed that we didn’t go but I guess it’s nice that I get to save money before the trip starts. That day went by pretty fast and I even work up not thinking that I needed to go to work since I stayed up late


Week 3 day 1

My day at Step Up was very tiring even though it’s arguable that I did anything today I didn’t get a good nights rest and biking here gets tiring if you’re not used to such extreme excise. I didn’t get lunch today because it looked nasty so I just drunk a lot of water and chewed gum and got over it hopefully we have something better tomorrow I gist wait for our paychecks and field trip to the mall


Week 2 day 3

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Week 2 day 3

My day so far seem honestly very short I got here early but my bike which I somehow dropped and broke my handlebars? It was a nice hour long time to myself though I haven’t ridden a bike in so long I’m so happy that I got to ride around the neighborhood before going to work and when I got to work it was a pretty chill day a banker came and gave us paperwork I don’t know how my mother would feel about coming all the way here just to sign papers though hopefully, she’s in a good mood. We had amazing tacos today the cook is constantly coming late buy today he caught us all by surprise he even brought apple juice which is all gone of course it was honestly a nice relaxing day. Victoria wasn’t here today which is the reason why everyone wasn’t so stressed out


Week 2 Day 1

Greetings and salutations,
I honestly missed being back here with everyone its a nice experience to actually socialize with anyone that doesn’t live with me. I didn’t eat lunch today because it looked hecka nasty and had cheese and your girl cant be eating that dairy so I just ate a sour apple with my now empty water bottle. Our choirs are becoming easier to remember the more I do them I actually like working here since it’s like another day at school but in smaller classes hopefully I get another with everyone and I’m praying for a good lunch tomorrow.


Step Up week 1 day 3

Today was the day that the A team was preparing for, the first meeting about a youth-led event that consists many topics that the younger generation have to deal with. Before the meeting, I was a little stressed because I had an expectation that people in like fancy outfits and older adults would look down on us, but it was just normal working people who supported our voices and wanted us to speak out more. I was a little bored at first but when I got really into the discussion it got more interesting for me. We basically helped plan the outline of an event that was for youth. Before the meeting I got to work a little later then I wanted to because I slept in and forgot to remind people to sign in but the new kid came today! I asked him how his day went so far and he said it was good so that’s good? I just hope we have better food next week and that I friend more people. I actually like it here.



Step Up week 1 day 2

I accidentally misread my alarm clock or something in the way my brain translated forgot that trait of common sense I woke up extremely early (4 in the morning to be more specific) and couldn’t go back to bed so I decided on maybe having breakfast..there was a literal gulp of milk left thanks to leaving with siblings I didn’t feel like cooking anything (I just woke up why would I want too?) So I just made myself some hot cocoa and took a shower before leaving the house. Mind you that I live far from AMA as the result of me taking two buses then having to walk for 15 minutes at most I have no problem with the walk, its a nice time to be alone and collect yourself when your day starts but when you’re hungry and the walk is slightly less chill then normal when I got to AMA no one but Tie was in the room and I was 🙃 I later realized the I was an hour early An hour. Early. Though the day did pick up we were introduced to ‘icky Vick’ correct me if I’m wrong. She was an extremely chill and creative person who welcomed her roots with open arms, she had no problem answering questions and always came prepared she told my group interesting stories and gave wonderful advice. During the rest of the day, my group was taught the skills that we were assigned to do every day for the rest of the week. Today was also Alex’s birthday and his parents bought a marble cake that had a little too much frosting for my liking but I was still grateful for a piece is believe I even gave away a small piece to a girl that wanted more but the team got to it before she could😂 I honestly don’t regret joining Tie’s group nor Step Up this is a fun community that I’m super glad to be apart of 🙂


STEP-UP Day 1 Week 1

(This thing doesn’t have a spell check on mobile.)

I realized that this job is just like being at school but shorter hours, I’m being paid, and the food is better. (At least for now)
Today all we did was clear up FAQ and team bonding activities when we got tired of sitting, so far the impressions that teachers are giving off really fit their (shown) personalities I can’t wait to see what else I learn from them.