Week 9 Day 2

Today, Team Titans or Titan Cinematics have won the competition against Team Victory by 1 point. Our last movie we shot with both teams and reviewed it as a romance/horror film. In my opinion, it felt like a k-drama and didn’t feel like a movie that we would film.


Week 9 Day 1

Today, we made up an idea for our movie and now have finally filmed the whole film just in time for the end of the day. I’m excited to edit this movie and see how it’ll look.


Week 8 Day 3

Today, we took the Metro transit bus to downtown Minneapolis which we then got on the metro transit train to Mall of America. Mall of America was fun because we had bought some food and we also bowled for the rest of the time where I found out that I’m really bad at bowling. However, we did a second game but I wish we hadn’t played a second one. Could’ve gotten food and explored😢. It’s all good though since there’s always next time.


Week 8 Day 2

Today, we finalized the production of our film as well as the post-production of our film. I’m surprised that our last movie for AMA has turned out to be an actually good film. I just hope we win one last time against Team Victory.


Week 8 Day 1

Today, we planned out our cultural exercise, however, we did mess up filming and so we will have to refilm tomorrow as well as finish editing tomorrow.  I can’t wait to finish this film and move onto our trip to M.O.A.


Week 7 Day 2

Today, we canoed through the Mississippi where we had to use teamwork in order to paddle in unison to increase speed. I learned that there’s going to be new piers built on the shores of the Mississippi. It was really fun to canoe because we were competitive about it.


Week 7 Day 1

Today, we finally finished filming and editing our team’s film in one day. Our film/Advertisement video was pretty fun to film Andy edit, however, during the review of our film and the other team’s film, we finally lost and the other team had their first win. The score is now 3-1.


Week 6 Day 2

Today, my team, Titan Cinematics, won again against the other team’s horror flick, however,both teams made minor or emphasized mistakes that we analyzed at. Luckily, we had won due to the other team’s ending not making it up to the way they had represented their earlier scenes.


Week 6 Day 1

Today, my team finished our film’s production and are now almost finished with our post production. I am hoping that our film turns out to be a good horror and an entertaining movie to watch.


Week 5 Day 3

Today, me and my team had fun shooting the first scenes of our horror flick. J.J. Was screaming, but we already discussed what the scene was going to be. Apparently he gets frightened anyways and so does everyone else.