step up week 8 day 3

today we read the scripts we wrote yesterday. mine was a pile of garbage. we chose madisons, hers is grate. we also did a lot of work on the shot types too.


week 8 day 1

today we did a lot of script writing. i did not get alot done. what i did get done is basically a rip off of the beginning of saw.


step up week 6 day 4

today we started and finished pre production today. we wrote a script this time around. it was pretty hard but it was a lot easier with a group than it was alone yesterday.


step up week 5 day 3

today we started writing scripts for our substance abuse stories. i did not get very far into writing. i think writing has been the hardest part of this.


step up week 4 day 4

today we started and finished most of the production for our film. it looks pretty good so far. I will start editing tomorrow.