step up week 8 day 2

So today i got my work in the files and finished up some stuff. Today is my last day here and enjoyed my time here and had fun working here. It was fun to meet new people fun to do something ive never done before. This gave me some good experience for jobs in the future and im looking forward to working alot in the future.


step up week 8 day 1

So this summer will soon be coming to a end along with my summer job. Im leaving to mexico for a week on wednesday and will only come for the last 2 days of work. Today went good though and there are some things i need to catch up on and would like to do that tomorrow.


step up week 7 day 2

Today we went canoeing  and i had a good time. I kept getting wet because the water kept on splashing on me. My group was in the front the whole time and when someone tried to pass us up we went faster and we were way in the front. I had a good time and want to go again sometime.


step up week 7 day 1

Today was a pretty simple day. I was stuck on my project and kinda still am. Im looking forward to the kayak trip tomorrow ive never been kayaking before and this will be my first time. Today went well  and i hope tomorrow is fun and i dont drown.


step up week 5 day 3

So today was pretty simple and chill. I worked on my postcard and i think im okay with it. I signed up for this thing to go to on monday where we get a tour of a stadium that i forgot the name of but it sounds fun. This week went well and i had fun.


step up week 5 day 2

Today we went this event at the Y. We had this pretty inspiring speech by the owner of a company called dayton rogers. It really helped me out with ideas of what to do when im older. And im really considering doing something in manufacturing. Today went good though and i had a fun day.


step up week 5 day 1

So we have to blog about what i did on thursday which i forgot the name of. It was at this big building and on the highest floor i think. But we pretty much just sat in a class for hours and talked about jobs a stuff. Then they actually made us do a math and reading test which was kinda annoying but easy. But we also did get 0.5 high school credits which was cool. The lunch was not that good.


step up week 4 day 3

So today we only had to work until 2:30 and we didnt work on tuesday. I have to go to another training on thursday and thats why i didnt work tuesday. Today went good and i restarted my postcard. I also got interviewed at the end of the the day with a couple of other people and i t was fun and funny.


week 4 day 1

So the start of my first week went well. I worked on a violence prevention postcard and i was pretty stuck on  what to do but i found something to do and feel ok with it but i still want to do more and better. I dont think im done with it but i dont really know what else to do.


step up week 3 day 3

Today we were supposed to go to the mall but we didn’t. Tie was gonna get eye surgery but she didnt and we could have still gone but she canceled the tour we were gonna get and people didnt come with money for lunch. I played basketball outside and didnt go on the walk but then chou made us walk even tho we were still being active and exercise. And i barely got any meat at lunch again….