step up week 9 day 2

well, today is the last day here. it’s been fun. also, I had a meeting. it turned out good. woo! lunch was. okay. and I brung my switch. I had fun. 10/10


step up week 9 day 1

today was busy. we podcast and my voice is horrible. we have to do some test and it’s still annoying. and we had hot dog for lunch. 6/10 for today


step up week 8 day 3

today we went to the mall. It was so fun and we bought some stuff. at that, we get to ride a train there and stuff. I thought we have to podcast today but.. oh well. it was fun. 11/10


step up week 8 day 2

today we was just making our raps about healthy living. we have fish today and just hanged out. recording was stressful though. 9/10


step up week 8 day 1.

yea, by the title, I lost track. anyway, today was busy and stressful. we have to record. and recording is bad in my opinion. also, we have pizza! woo! 8/10


step up week 6 day 17

today was boring. we did nothing and at that, we had an meeting. UHG. I’m tired… I was expecting Victoria, but she didn’t came. bummer… 4/10


step up week 6 day 16

today wasn’t super busy. I drew and drew and drew. also, i had burger king for breakfast. sorry about your cousin, Victoria. I hope you’ll feel better. r.i.p. today was a 9/10


step-up week 5 day 15

today was bad. I really dislike recording my rap. it brung back horrible memories. I really hated it because I have to hear it over and over again. at that, the music is REALLY LOUD. lunch was good tho. it’s a 4/10.