SU: Week 9 Day 2

Today, we finished editing our last film. It has a fast pacing, but we were rushed on editing. We took a literacy test, and I got 80% and passed it. Then we watched our videos we made. it was 2-3, it was fun. Then we played hide and seek for two rounds and then went outside to play a game.


SU: Week 9 Day 1

Today we finished filming an idea. but this summer, I’ve learned more about video production and its process about cut always and inserts and everything. This school year I hope i can connect more with peers and teachers


SU: Week 8 Day 3

Today we took the bus and light rail to MOA. We had a presentation about the history of the mall, and then we went bowling. It was a fun experience. First game was better than the second in my opinion. and i would totally go back to MOA and maybe use the coupons a bit more.


SU: Week 8 Day 2

Today was a really lazy day. My group finished editing our film “Just Dance” and we came to watch films and break things down. We went outside to play a game and my team won. Excited for tomorrow though~


SU: Week 8 Day 1

Today we finally finished shooting our cultural exercise film on dancing. I don’t think it’s good, but it’s decent. We started editing and it’s alright. I hope it turns out okay.


SU: Week 7 Day 2

Today we went canoeing and it was fun. It was a highlight, but Logan was paddling so hard that water got on me and my boat partners, and water beetles got on me! Yuck. I learned that the recycling center or something us gonna get relocated to roseville.


SU: Week 7 Day 1

Today we kept learning the dance and perfecting it. We shot Valerie’s solo, and we need another solo, a duo and then a group, then we’re done with this video. Hopefully it turns out well because its so time consuming. But after practicing, we watched both team’s cultural medicine, and we won because we had great audio. finally 1-3, then we watched short films to find cutaways and cutting on actions and stuff.


SU: Week 6 Day 2

Today we decided on doing a dancing video for a our cultural exercise film. It was really difficult because two of the members couldn’t move their hips which takes a lot of effort to try to help them. We are also having like solo dances, and its hard for me cause I can’t dance, lol.. The song I’m dancing to Rather Be. But anyways, hopefully the video turns out okay.


StepUp Week 6 Day 1

Today was a lazy day. I was really tired. We decided on a Hide and seek concept, but it didnt work out, so we didnt a football thing. it’s really simple, but kinda lame I think. I got the football stuck in a tree and had to climb to get it, lol.. But I am safe, so yeah. I knocked out when it was around 3:30. Looking at the schedule, it seems really busy the last weej, but I hope this job is memorable when it’s over!


StepUp Week 5 Day 3

Today, I re-edited our film and we filmed our medicine film too. We edited the the film after, and its decent. We were in the editing room for a bit trying to get to know each other too and then we went outside to play because Chou didn’t want us to get too ahead. But today was a productive day.