Step-Up 2017 week 4 day 3

So I finally got in to blog that is so great. Today, since there was only a few people did not so much work. We played games like charades. We also watched our short films. I really liked the other teams video but everyone says that my teams is the best. I was the star of my teams. I did some really good acting, not to brag. We also watched a lot of videos on youtube. I think the low point of today was when the police officers came. When they were talking I was falling asleep and waking up throughout their talk.


STEP-UP 2017 week 5 day 1

today we started a new script. the topic for our now film is violence prevention. which is a broad topic. i finished writing my script but i feel that 3-4 minutes is not enough time to make my creation into reality.


Step-Up 2017 week 6 day 1

today we started to film. there was a lot of complication but we survived. it was fun. we finished filming which was awesome. now all we have to do is a lot of editing


Step-Up 2017 week 6 day 2

today we edited the films. it turned out good but could be better. then after that we watched videos and waited for the other team to get done.


Step-Up 2017 week 6 day 3

today we watched and talked about our videos and we went over storytelling. the storytelling part was very boring, most of us was sleep or not paying attention. but even though chou had us not on the couch we and i was still falling asleep. after such we just watched videos.


STEP-UP 2017 week 1 day 2

Today we worked on financing and bicultural active living lifestyles. For the financing stuff we played games. on the game open i got a really high score of 1295 i think. for the bicultural active living lifestyles i drawn nothing special but probably my 2nd best work yet. and right now i am blogging. see you next time blog. bye