Week 9 day 2

Yesterday we worked on our postcard, but we have to use cartoons of fruits and vegetables as our base and add facts to the postcard.


International Youth Day 2017

Today’s International Youth Day, and here’s my personal experience with international culture. When I came to the USA, I went to a Hmong School. There we learned about the Hmong culture, but eventually I was moved to an English speaking school. There I struggle with communication as I didn’t speak English well, nor was I knowledgable with it’s culture. Thus I had to adapted, thankfully I did well and managed to hold my grade up, and didn’t flunk. I learned to speak English more fluently and was able to follow conversation better. It was thank to the situation that I was forced into that allowed to to improve myself. Because I was the only Hmong in my class and the those that surrounded me weren’t Hmong, and because I just transfer, I was force to make friend who are vastly different than me, in culture and in the way we speak.


Week 8 Day 1

Yesterday we started on a new postcard, with the theme of substance abuse. We had to find information on the different type of substance abuse, and at 10:30 or so, Williams turn off the wifi so we didn’t have wifi for the whole day.


Week 6 Day 3

Today continued on our medicine postcard. It was also our day to clean, luckily the place wasn’t a mess. Other than that today was ok.


Week 6 Day 2

We continued working on our postcard. I finished mine, and is currently working on my next one.


Week 6 day 1

Today, we started a new postcard on medicine. I’m currently working on it, and is have trouble with the idea, but set in one I think is pretty good.