Step Up day 2 week 4

i havent posted anything from the last weeks and days so i really have no idea how to cover those up but i can try 😅 we were set into 4 groups and i was placed in a group of 3 that is me, Abdirabi, and Jacob and we were given 2 projects which has to do with recording we recorded a story we 3 had to make up and read, which we did horribly because we mumbled and stuttered a lot while reading, Another project we did was we reviewed Shops, points of interest and what connection they have with Bi-culturism at Mall of America and also edit things out of it to make perfect and to day is the last day we can do that for a final draft.


Step Up Week 1 Day 2

Today we talked and wrote about bi-cultures, like about what they are, how we are bicultural and made our own poster with things that have to do with bicultures and things similar to it and learned a little about money management and played a little simulation and had to get to Day 30 without dying and/or losing money. Today was a real fun day, better than yesterday because yesterday was more boring since we didn’t do anything interesting than just sit there and wait.