Step up week 8, day 2

Today was fun, For the first two hours of the day people were sitting at their computers not doing due to no internet. But what people were in fact making “beats” in garage band. But again, today was fun. I did some work in photoshop at finished my drug project. Overall today was productive despite todays start.


International Youth Day 2017

Today Is International Youth Day and I recently had an awesome cultural experience. A couple weeks ago, I was in Japan for two weeks. In Japan I saw many things and met many people. Japan’s culture is built on honor and respect and I really took it all in. The people In Japan are really really respectful to each other and to elders. It made me act more respectful lol. Japanese people hold on to there culture unlike other people (not passive aggressive). There is two sides to Japan, the historical part and the “Pop culture part”(modernized).  People in Japan also take influence from other countries, in-fact, Japanese people are really open to anything. Anyways, I’ve learned to be more respectful and open while I was in Japan…(Sounds Cliche)


Week 4 day 2

Today was fun. A cop came in to talk about youth relations, he had alot to say. He was cool, he’s in police gang. He was in gang for protection against other children when he was young. He is Hmong. I didn’t know there was such a unit of cops that exist like that. Today i also finished my Abuse picture.


Step Up week 4 day 1

Today was fun, we did alot. We learned our theme for the week, It’s violence prevention. At first it was hard coming up with an idea, but I later thought of one. Overall today was good.


Step Up Week day 3

Hello, today was fun. We worked on out transportation images, and cleaned. Todays lunch was very good, it was chicken and rice. Today was very productive as i have finished my images.


Step-up week 3 day 1

Today we learned are new theme for the week. The new theme is Transportation, i made two cool new images, The images are very simplistic and overall this day was very productive.


Step-up week 2 day 3

Today we used Adobe Illustrator and picked out our newsletter template. It was moderately challenging for those who were not watching. We played dodge ball and went into the school. Today was fun


Step up week 2, day 4

Today we had a more in depth study and finally got to work on projects. We split into groups that we choose. I was in the graphic design, so we did some computer stuff today.


Asian Media Access day 2

Today it was very fun, we played many games. We learned about bi-culturism and managing money. After me and my friends watched videos and overall today was a great learning experience.


Step-up 2017 week 1, day 1

Today was very good. Work at Asian Media Access is very fun. Everybody is super chill. We went over the schedule and what we would be doing . We learned our co-workers names, and our enviorment.Overall, this first day was awesome.