Step Up 07/31- Jarena

This week was a challenge. First my animations wasn’t saving then we got a project and it was difficult. It is starting to get a little easy but still challenging. The animation is also interesting.


Step-Up 07/27- Jarena

Today I was a little confused but then asked some questions and got it. We talked about our project with our groups. Also today was more of a listening day. Overall it was pretty chill.


Step-Up 07/22-Jarena

Today felt longer than usual for some reason. I got work done and I like the storybirds I did. Animations have been getting easier by the day.


Step Up 07/20- Jarena

Today I was sleepy more than usual but I still managed to get work done. I didn’t have that much to do since I was caught up. One of the things I did was add music to my animations.


Step-Up 07/17-Jarena

It’s the last day of my first week, it was really good. I’ve learned how to do many things over this week. I am excited for what else is in store. Today we listened to a Marijuana Prevention presentation. I learned some things from it. Overall my week was good.


Step Up 07/16-Jarena

Today was a good day I got caught up on my animations. I figured out how to use Storybird. I also really like Storybird because you can be so creative. Animaker has got really easy to use which is a very good thing.


Step Up My First Week-Jarena

The first couple days went well I’m getting the hang of everything. The hardest thing was understanding animate but once you do it is pretty easy. I’m still trying to get used to waking up early, otherwise everything is going smooth.