Step Up Week 5 Day 3

Yesterday we went to a job fair with apetite for change. I wish we would have had more time to be there, We werent there for long at all….Maybe 30 minuets to an hour. Only thing i would actually be interested in was the construction work. Other than that i wish we had more ands on activities I really liked the nail hitting with the construction workers. After we got back from the field trip we practiced our raps with victoria to record today. Recording was really fun. I had fun and i learnee how to engineer. We talked more about this meeting we’re conducting and chilled and listend to music.I had fun working today.


Step Up Week

today we started recoding our raps for victoria and at first we were all a little nervous but then we


Step up- Week 4- Day 1

today we started putting stuff together to record our songs with victoria. We set up the microphones so we can record next week due to step up trainings this week. We served lunch like usual, today we had barbeque chicken with carrots and peas, and watermelon and mandarin oranges.



Step Up Week 3- Day 1

Today I was so tired this morning, I didn’t want to get up and i was moving really slow until we started our day with victoria once again. We had a chill morning, we practiced and wrote our raps and then played charades and had a real serious talk about morals and how to carry yourself and talked about recording next week. So after our session we went and served lunch and then cleaned and went on a walk. After we came back from our walk we sat in our room and discussed what we wanted our meeting to be about and discussed about this weeks news letter. We then served snack blogged and then left.



Step Up Week 2- Day 3

Today Victoria was not here so we had a boring morning. We sat in the conference room and practiced our raps a little more and we are getting closer and closer to perform. after practicing our raps we talked more about the content that we wanted to put in the news letter and came up with a quick passage, 2 quotes and our interviews we did. After we did that we went to serve lunch because nezib was here early with lunch so we served lunch and ate lunch also. after lunch we went back to the conference room to conversate more about what we wanted in the news letter. The food was really good today, we had chicken tacos, they were really good. after we talked more about the news letter we just sat around and hung out until it was time to serve snack and after we served snack we left and now i get to see my mom (more emojis if i had them).


Step Up Week 2- Day 2

Today our day was the same as yesterday. We went on our morning walk half way around the gold course. We came in and split up into our groups and we worked on our “Keep It Fresh” rap and we were introduced to a new rap we have to write about healthy living and we each have to write and put our own verse into a video. Thats kind of had because I cant really write music but I love music so thats the funny part about it. We worked with Victoria from 9:30 until about 11:45. After working with Victoria we went to set up for lunch and and we waited on nezib for a long time, and then when he finally got here we had to wait on him again because he forgot the plates, cups, and silverware. The food could have been better today in my opinion, I didn’t like the pasta and my chicken was still pink in the inside but after lunch we cleaned up and took the trash out. After lunch we talked about the E-news letter and the content we were going to put in it and then we blogged and commented on blogs also.We practiced our “Keep It fresh” rap after Victoria left and eventually it was time to go so we left.


Step Up- Day 4

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Step-Up Week 1 Day 1

Today at AMA I learned about the do’s and the don’ts of Financial Literacy and a lay out of how my day will belike on a day to day basis. I also met new people and my supervisors and talked about what the expections are for the job and how to behave appropriately.We also played games and did fun ice breakers for everyone to get to know each others names and faces. We learned more about the job and what we will be covering weeekly in out chosen groups.