Week 7 day 1

Today seemed so long but it was worth it’s filmed.then we was editing for a couple hours afterward we had the contest we forgot music and some flaws but in all we did good.the other team took the W so kudos to them.


Week 6 day 2

We were editing for most of the day.we won today in the competition I feel like we don’t deserve it.


Week 5 day 3

Today was filming again but we still had fun.Like today was editing and writing a script. And there were fails.



It was good and I ain’t wanna here no wanna say it’s to short and them one of y’all will try to be smart and respond by being smart there  3 sentences


Week 4 day 3

Today was chill we was breaking down a movie and had an interview.got to go to training tomorrow.


Week 4 day 1

we were editing today and it took ages.

But worth it



Basketball shoot today I’m actually sweating now as I’m typing