Week 9 Day 3

Second to the last day…we added finishing touches to our power point and practiced presenting….the whole day.


Week 9 Day 2

Today we made a Google Doc presentation thing, ate lunch and then went to Theo to interview more people. Almost got into a fight loll.


Week 9 Day 1

Yesterday we went to the North Common and Fowell park to interview more people. There wasn’t much people.


Week 8 Day 2

Today we finished editing  the video that we made last week and went to the park to interview more people. Photo team got 11 people…not bad.


Week 4 Day 2

Today went by pretty fast. All we did was edit our film today. There was another guest speaker. He was a Hmong police talking about police stuff.


Week 8 Day 1

Today we went to Harrison Park, Theodore, Jordan park and Webber park to interview people about Minneapolis Parks and Recreation. There wasn’t much people at the park. It was fun though.


Week 7 Day 3

Today we ate donut for breakfast =.= then…came up with a story, filmed it and edited it within 6 hours. Not enough time. Our team plays too much. The film don’t make sense. Yah it’s a “team” thing, but whatever.


Week 7 Day 2

Yesterday we went over what we are going to do for the rest of this week and next week monday. Then we watch Pee mak.