Another Virus: Synonym of Fear

Hi, my name is Lucy.

For a short while, I’ll be posting some things onto this blog!

When news of the COVID-19 first become common knowledge to me, many people were saying that the symptoms were similar of the Flu: fever, sore throat, tiredness and that, “It’s not that serious”. This was mid-February. (Around the time I got sick too).

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Then as little as a month that goes by, numbers grew all over the world and well, that “It’s not that serious” turned into, “Stay at home!” “Wash your hands!” “Social Distancing!” that people still don’t take too seriously, because numbers are still growing tremendously in America.

As soon as COVID-19 spread, another type of virus did too. This virus has been around much longer than COVID-19, and just like the current virus, it can be mild, severe, and a bit different for everyone and can affect anyone.

Main symptoms are: irrational fear, hatred, and aggression towards Asian Americans. Calling anyone of Asian decent, Chinese-even calling the virus itself, “the Chinese virus”.

What should you do when you are confronted with racial discrimination?