Week 9, Day 2

Today was pretty good. We really didn’t do anything except improve our previous projects, but I mostly drew all day. The tests we took today we’re really easy I hoped they would’ve gave us something more challenging.


Step-Up Week 8, Day 2

Today was great. I worked on my second version of our project we’re doing and it turned out okay. We also went to the park. It sucks I wont be here for the Trip to Mall Of America.


Step-Up Week 8, Day 1

Today was great. I enjoyed working on our projects. I had used more drawing methods instead of photoshopping the entire thing. I finished early, so Will told me to do another one; which isn’t to bad.


Step-Up Week 7, Day 1

Today was great. We had to complete a project within one day which wasn’t to hard. I’m also looking forward to the canoeing trip tomorrow!


Step-Up Week 6, Day 2

Today was good. I worked on my project for cultural medicine and we also played Typeracer which I lost in, but today in all was good.


Step-Up Week 6, Day 1

Today was good although I was tired most of the morning. I enjoyed working on the project for our new topic. I also drew today which was fun. Lastly I did not entirely get the schedule due to it being tremendously confusing, but other than that today was great.


Step-Up Week 5, Day 3

Today wasn’t to bad. It was fun working on our projects on cultural stories I ended up finishing it. I also spent most of my time in Adobe Illustrator drawing. Here is the current project I just finished.


Step-Up Week 5, Day 2

Today wasn’t bad at all. We went to the YMCA in maplewood for a job fair which was cool in some aspects; I enjoyed the welding demo that Dunwoody provided. I also enjoyed working on our projects in photoshop.