Week 9 day 3

Again, we worked on our presentation for tomorrow. We walked it through for a while. It was stressful but we ended it well.


Week 9 day 2

Today was a good day. We worked on our presentation for Thursday, and we went to the parks to get more interviews.


Week 4 day 2

Today was pretty good. We edited our videos and got done by the end of the day. I think the finished product is okay as a first project.


Week 5 day 3

The morning was kind of hard because my team couldn’t chose a script for our movie. But we eventually got it. After that we cleaned up a bit and learned how to stencil. The day went by fast and smoothly.


Week 6 day 1

Today was a good day. It’s just sometimes my team struggled shooting a scene. But we managed to get done just in time.


Week 6 day 2

Today we finished editing our movie early which I’m pretty proud of. We didn’t do much but edit so today was a easy day.


Week 6 day 3

We didn’t do much today besides learning about story telling. It was a long process but I learned a lot from it and it makes sense now. Then after that we just chilled and watched videos related to story telling and some other films.


Week 7 day 2

I think today was one of the easiest days because all we really did was learn about our new project and what we are going to be doing. And then after that we just watched and movie and talked about it afterwards.


Week 7 day 3

So today we was planning out a movie that the whole group could do. And it was more complex and hard. But we had fun. It was different also. We was on a time limit so we kind of was struggling but it was alright.


Week 8 day 1

Today was kinda tough because we had to actually talk to people outside of our workforce. But it was a good experience.