Step Up: Week 9 Day 3

Today was kind of stressful. The time limit made it difficult for me and my actors to make mistakes or tweak things/camera angles. I’m glad we get an extra hour tomorrow for editing so we can really clean up all the clips we got today. I hope this turns out good because we put a lot of effort into this final project.


StepUp19: Week 8 Day 3

Today was busy. I really doubted I would get chosen for the script/director role. I’m a bit overwhelmed being the director. I really liked the other scripts, Yer’s was the one that stood out to me the most. I feel less stressed for this project because I trust my camera man and the gaffer to really visually represent my story well. This time I will do my best to be a better more straightforward director.


StepUp19: Week 8 Day 1

Today was okay, I don’t mind writing scripts but I always have the urge to write more into detail. I’d be better off writing novels. The biggest thing I had in mind while writing my script was coming up with stuff that could happen with what we have and what we can do. I don’t care if we end up using my script or not, I’d rather we don’t use mine because I don’t like being director, but if my script does get chosen I’ll try my best to do a better job.


StepUp19: Week 7 Day 4

Today was fine. My team lost the project but that’s okay because now we all get to work together on a big project, which is exciting. So far working with the whole group hasn’t been that good because we haven’t been able to settle on an idea. I hope next week we have better luck with choosing our story and can start production before Wednesday.


StepUp19: Week 7 Day 3

Today was pretty busy, we finished the production phase and began post production. So far I’m happy with how Max is editing it but I felt like I was a pretty bad director and camera man. Being director and camera man is much harder than I expected.


StepUp19: Week 7 Day 2

Today was kind of stressful because we had to film a ton of scenes in a short amount of time. I feel like I was a pretty bad director and made things confusing for my actors. Hopefully Max can edit this really well and make it into something good. The lighting is much harder than I expected.


StepUp19: Week 6 Day 4

Today was kind of stressful because we spent a lot of time rewriting the story and finalizing some parts. I feel like our film can beat the other team if we do the shots right and edit it in a good way. I hope this turns out really good!


StepUp19: Week 6 Day 3

Today was fun! I actually enjoyed script writing, I think I’d prefer writing a novel but script writing wasn’t that bad. Maybe I’ll write a novel version of this story on my own time. For me it was a little hard to resist writing a lot in detail. I look forward to reading the rest of my groups scripts and starting production!


StepUp19: Week 6 Day 1

Today was good! We brainstormed an idea for this weeks project, assigned roles, and Max continued editing. I am this weeks director and since I haven’t been doing many roles the past two projects, I’ll be playing a main role for this project. Our genre this week is horror, which is honestly the best/most fun genre to film. I am kind of nervous to do makeup/act but I’m also really excited!


StepUp19: Week 5 Day 4

Today was alright, I mostly watched my group film the rest of our scenes and gave them my input when needed, besides that I spent the day thinking of things we can do next week. Max has done quite a bit of editing and will probably finish today. I am looking forward to next weeks project.