StepUP week 8 Day 3

Today was fun. We went down to the gym when the director was planning stuff and played soccer, kickball. and dodgeball. Sadly though, today is Keanu and Toubee’s last day of StepUP.


week 8 day 1

Today we just wrote our scripts and that’s pretty much it. I won’t finish mine today probably because there are somethings I need to figure out.


Week 7 Day 4

We lost versus the other team. I even lost editing by .5! I just can’t edit horror movies that great. I didn’t even think the other group’s project was that great but it’s cool because the teams merged and now we are all one big team. We were trying to pick a story and I felt I talked the most and I gave out all my ideas, too. It’s hard trying to make an idea 8 other people like.


week 7 day 2

Today was pretty dope. I helped my team a lot and it was a good day. We didn’t finish production today though but it’s fine. Oh yeah and Itachi is a pretty cool dude and we played checkers.


StepUP week 6 Day 1

Today was alright. This program is going by fast. It’s been pretty cool so far. I finished editing our film today but I doubt we are going to win.


StepUP week 5 Day 3

Today went good. We went with my idea and started filming. We need Toubee back so he can be the doctor though. So we need to finish filming. I put some clips into iMovie and today was chill for the most part.