Week 8 Day 3

Today we voted for which film we wanted to do, we’re using Madison’s script. I think it’ll be good if we can just act well and if we have good shots. I also liked Yer’s script.


Week 8 Day 2

Today we worked on our scripts. I finished mine, it’s only 6 pages long, and I tried my best with it, I think it’s an okay script. Lunch was also pretty good today.


Week 8 Day 1

Today was kind of hard, because I didn’t have a set story so I struggled with writing a story I thought could be interesting. When we talked about our ideas with Chou, I liked other people’s ideas a lot more. Hopefully I can make my script decent and finish it tomorrow.


Week 7 Day 4

Today we were put into one team. We tried to come up with ideas of a big film we’re going to do together, but we couldn’t come up with anything really good. My team didn’t win for the last film we did, I didn’t think we’d win either. The other team did really well though, I think they deserved to win.


Week 7 Day 3

Today we finished production, we might shoot more scenes but it’s unlikely. I think our film is okay, I don’t know if we’ll win. I hope we win though. We started editing and we’re almost done. Lunch was also pretty good today.


Week 7 Day 2

Today we filmed most of our scenes that required make-up, I think it’s gone pretty good, we take a while to do each of our scenes though. Our lighting might not be the best but it’ll work I think.


Week 6 Day 4

Today we struggled with making the story we chose make sense. We wanted it to have a horror aspect to it but what we had wasn’t that great so we had to change it around a bit. I think our film will be good, as long as we can make it dramatic.


Week 6 Day 3

We learned how to write a script today. Writing the script was actually kind of fun. I liked it. I didn’t think my idea would turn into a pretty good script, but I think mine is actually decent.


Week 6 Day 1

We finished our film today, it seems pretty good, I think we did a decent job. I hope we win, especially because we had restrictions.