Week 3: Day 4 and Day 5

Thursday July 23rd; Today was an okay day. Stephen went over how to use the Youth in Charge website and how to make posts and how to add our animakers and storybirds to our posts. Today I need to use my time to work on my unfinished animakers from this week. I feel it’s difficult because I can’t think of what I want to put into them. Which is making me fall behind, but I know I can catch up.

Friday July 24th; Today went by pretty quick. Stephen went through a slideshow about anti-violence. Our assignments for today is to make an animaker and storybirds about what we learned today.

Anti-Violence Storybird
Anti-Violence Storybird

Week 3: Day 2 and 3

Tuesday July 21; Today we discussed about what it meant to being a media consumer and creator. Our assignment was to create an animation about what being a media consumer or creator meant and to create 2 storybird posts about media awareness.

Wednesday July 22; Today we discussed how to get a part time job. There was a lot of information and it felt like it lasted long. I barely talked because of how much I was trying to learn. Our assignment was to create an animation and some storybird posts about a specific job and its responsibilities.


Week 3: Day 1

Today is Monday July 20th. This morning, Stephen went through and talked about what we would start working on in the next couple of weeks. Then we went through our Animakers and gave feedback to each other. I saw many of my co interns Animakers and got inspired to improve my own and try different styles too. After a little bit of that, Kayla from Step Up joined and answered some of our questions. We went through some more Animakers and Stephen talked a little more about work. Today was an easy and chill day to ease back into work from the good weekend I hope we all had.

This is some of my Storybird work from last week about marijuana and vaping prevention.


Step Up: Week 2 Updates

Day 2: July 14

Today, we went through a presentation and learned about Bicultural Healthy Living. Then we were assigned to make a 30 second animaker about Bicultural Living. We also had to make 2 storybird posts about it as well.

Day 3: July 15

Today, we went through a presentation about vaping. We learned about the dangers of vaping and about what it is. We played a jeopardy game afterwards. Then we were assigned to make another 30 second animaker about vaping and make some storybird posts.

Day 4: July 16

Today is a catch up on work and make up hours day. We have some new interns that had started this week so Stephen wants everyone to catch up and be on the same page. I will be working on some of my animakers and editing them.


Step Up: Week 2 Day 1

Today our project was to introduce our family or friends. We learned how to upload photos and add them into our animaker animations. We did face some technical difficulties, but I think everyone got it by the end of the day. I made a nice 60 second animation about my family members, and it’s good that I’m getting more comfortable and used to Animaker.


Step Up Internship: Week 1

Hey, I’m Michelle. This was my first week interning at AMA. It’s going really good. The adults have been kind and informative. I’ve learned more about financing and tobacco prevention. I also learned how to use new websites to create postcards and animations. These are easy to do because I’m a fast learner, and Stephen is patient, answers every question, and does a good job at explaining the different parts of the websites. Although we experience some technical difficulties, we make it work, and I’m still learning something new everyday. Overall, the first week of interning at AMA has been fairly easy and enjoyable. I hope through these next five weeks, I continue to gain more skills and knowledge, and create work to show my experience here.

This is also my second year doing Step Up, but my first year being at AMA. I already had some experience with digital video editing, photography, and photoshop because I take classes during school and make content outside of school. I’m really passionate about this because my father is my inspiration, and I also just enjoy creating videos and photos for others to look at.

This is a link to the first animaker/animation I made this week. As it says in the short description, it’s just a mini introduction about me.