week 9 day 2

Today was pretty good we had a lot of fun and i earned a digital literacy certificate and over this summer ive learned a lot about photoshop and biculturalism. thank you for this opportunity


day 3? 1? week 9

today was busy and not at the same time. we were tested for math english and did a survey like in the beginning of summer. Also some people got interviewed. nice day.


week 8 day 2

we went to the mall. I forgot my wallet but thankfully Tie gave me money for the bus and I had some money for lunch in my pocket. Peace.


week 8 day 2

Made more stuff on substance abuse. Was feeling a little uninspired today so its a lil basic but yah know what can you do. went on a cool walk to the park with william though. that was fun.



week 8 day 1

Turns out last week I was mistaken. We do still have another week of normal work. It’s theme is Substance abuse and it’s a pretty heavy topic and i was able to pump out two postcards today. Since Will has taught us pretty well we get to do it basically on our own which is cool. 


week 7 day 1

I’m literally so out of it today, it’s the last day of normal work. Only one day to complete the weekly theme for us. The theme is cultural exercise and I just wanted to have fun with the design.

the dog head is a norwiegian elkhound


week 6 day 2

I was late today which is tragic. Otherwise it was a pretty comfortable day, someone came in to show off their programming skills and had us all do some art relating to our or our families experience with immigration. will drew shark man


Week 6 day 1

New Week new theme. This time it’s green prescription. I was a little confused about the topic and quite tired today so my work probably isn’t as good as it could’ve been. lunch was hotdogs.  geese


week 5 day 3

Yesterday I already finished this weeks postcard so I had to busy myself and had some fun. Although, because I didn’t have as much work to do I was also pretty bored today. Lunch was spaghetti with mystery meat but it was better than whenever I’ve tried to make spaghetti.


week 5 day 2

Today at around 11 we went to a sort of job fair called Wunderkammer where they talked to us about trade professions and working in manufacturing. Which was cool because I’ve been thinking about taking trade school once I graduate. Got a lot of pamphlets and had a good time. Also made this postcard. Norway.