Step-Up Week 9 Day 3

Today was the last day of Asian Media Acess. The things that happened today was like anyothet day. Except for one thing. Tawny brought her pet kitten. It is absolutely adorable. At lunch my coworker friends and I just sat in the room of where the kitten was held, and we hung out with it. That was the major difference. Overall the day was fun as always. It’s just that I’m going to miss this place, but I’m especially going to miss my fellow coworkers. Thanks for an amazing summer.


Step-Up Week 9 Day 1

Today the film crew continued to gather interviews for the park board. Despite the puddles and clouds we happened to be successful in gathering interviews.  Tgis week feel like the past few weeks, but this week isn’t just any normal week. This is the last week of Asian Media Acess. I’m saddened that this summer is wrapping up. At the beginning of this experience I was excited but not very eager to come to work. Now that I have friends at work and I am closer to my fellow coworkers I can’t wait to come to work. I highly enjoy what I do.


Step-Up Week 8 Day 2

Most days we have one goal, but today we had two. The first half of the day (before lunch) I sat in the production room with Diamond and suggested edits for her to make. Since I left early last week when they finished shooting the  film, I was glad to watch what they had done after I left. I personally think that the final product of the film was great. It was well shot, the lighting was surprisingly good, and it was really cute. After lunch came the second half of the day. For the second half we went back out in to the parks to gather interviews. The weather was nicer than yesterday so everyone seemed to be in a more pleasant mood. Overall I enjoyed today.


Step-Up Week 8 Day 1

Today we started to go out and get interviews from people in the parks. For the group I was in I think went smoothly. The only complication was the temperature but even that wasn’t too bad. That’s about all we did today. It was a nice change in scenery, from the office building. I had a good day.


Step-Up Week 7 Day 3

Today the film group was given a challenging assignment. We had to create a short film all together in six hours. It had to include a genre and phrase we picked randomly from a hat. We got horror and a phrase that had something to do about ignoring the past when it comes back to haunt you. Honestly you couldn’t ask for a better combination. We spent about a hour coming up with the idea and the general plot. Then we shot about four scenes. This time it was more complicated to direct, because of the larger cast. After that it was lunch so we took a break, and unfortunately I had to leave at this time, so I won’t know what happened until next Monday. I’m very excited to see how our quick film came out.


Step-Up Week 7 Day 2

Today was a fairly mellow day. We split up into our groups as we typically do. The group I’m in, the video team, went over our next project. The next project is going to be getting some interviews from strangers about the park system. We went over a brief slideshow of how of how to film an interview. After that we watched a film to see how it differed from when we didn’t have as much information and experience with film. Overal it was pretty chill.


Step-Up Week 7 Day 1

Today was a special day. Instead of going into our groups and doing what we typically do, we played cultural team building games. We ran around and laughed a lot at each other. I’m not a big fan of team building games, because I’m introverted. So I thought it was going to be like those name games with the ball that you throw around on the first days of school. Luckily it wasn’t. The games we played were very similar to the ones I remember enjoying in elementary. For me it was nice to play those almost childish games with a group of teens and still have fun.


Step-Up Week 6 Day 2

Today our group was able to finish editing our film. Yesterday I thought that the film was going to turn out extremely cheesy and it did, but one co-worker came by and said it was “A good kind of cheesy”. That made me feel more confident in the film. I don’t think it was the best film I’ve created, however there was a lot to learn from making this film. The most important thing I learned from this film was the importance of proper script writing. Next film is going to focus more on script writing.


Step-Up Week 6 Day 1

Today we started production and we also happened to finish production today. Last week ended up feeling stressful, but after starting production I’m starting to visualize the film. The film that I am visualizing is extremely cheesy. Although it may have been fun to film watching it will be difficult. If our team is productive enough we might even be able to finish editing the film tomorrow.


Step-Up Week 5 Day 3

Today we picked the script that we are going to shoot. There was a lot of difficulty deciding the cast because no one wanted to act. With such a small group it’s a challenge creating a story with at most three characters. Even though it was a struggle we worked it out and should be ready to film on Monday.