step up week 5 day 1

Today i had to do alot of thinking but it was fun and challenging at the same time. we wrote another script on another topic. I thought that this topic was an important topic and i cant wait to make the film.


step up 2017 week 6 day 1

i was tired coming to work but when i started acting for the film it woke me up and it was really fun acting today. It was also very fun and entertaining.


Step up 2017 week 5 day 3

Today we picked which script we liked the most. We also learned how to stensil on sidewalks for saturdays. I enjoyed chues ghost stories today and it was fun.


Step up week 4 day 2

Today went be super fast but it was also fun. I was editing our film and it was interesting and new because I never edited before. I think I did a great job at editing.