“Mental Health to Me in the Past”

[ Part 1 ]

Story told by Nancy Thor. 

(A Hmong American womxn in the Twin Cities)

Growing up, not knowing what Mental Health was nor knowing how the way I feel means something. I tend to always listen to my parents and think that I’m just “overthinking” or that I am just “crazy.”

At one point in my life, during my depression around the age of 14, I was told that “a ghost has got into me” so I should seek, “shaman help.” When really, I was depressed because my parents got divorced during that time and I wasn’t able to accept that, yet. 

But then, did I mention that to my parents? No. I wasn’t able to. The 14 years old me, was so afraid of being misjudged or let my situation be spread around my families and relatives. So, as simple as it sounds, I end up shutting myself away and ignoring my feelings after that. 


“Project Tshav Ntuj is focused now on preventing suicide among youth, Xyooj said he wants to see them grow “deep and wide” in promoting mental health as a whole.” – Sanhan Journal

You can check out “Project Tshav Ntuj” on Facebook below on this link: https://m.facebook.com/ProjectTshavNtuj/ 

You can check out a story about Mental Health within Hmong youth on this link: https://www.mprnews.org/amp/story/2020/01/22/new-generation-pushes-hmong-mental-health-concerns-into-the-light