Step Up-Week 3 Day 2

Well I guess today was fun? I didn’t want to go walking today because of the gloomy sky. The lunch was okay for me because I’ve been tired of burgers due to my other job so I didn’t enjoy much but it’s alright. Today in photoshop I finished my complete street but haven’t confirm if it’s to William’s liking yet…hopefully on Thursday the weather would be brighter!


Step-Up Week 3 Day 1

I finally finished my obesity and my BALL project today!~ Yay~but….most likely i’ll be stuck on the transportation now, but i’ll work hard to complete it too though. I didn’t like the onion(don’t enjoy eating onion) and how oily the lunch was today but other than that the combination was pretty good. I also learned some new things in photoshop today which I thought that was pretty awesome! I hope that this week would be fun~


Step-Up week 2 Day 3

I had a hard time trying to come up with my obesity and BALL photoshop. I wished I had more idea but i’m not blessed with creativity so..can’t help it, but I hope that as the summer goes by I will improve more. I really need to finish my projects though;________;. I liked the lunch it was really good and wouldn’t mind eating it again!


Step Up Week 2 Day 2

Today was really fun. I learned a lot from photoshop. I feel kind of bad though because I’m so slow…but I’m learning and trying my best. I like that we went outside and played a mini team game because the game was really fun. I also liked the lunch today~ especially eating the chicken and the noodles together.


Step-Up Week 1 day 3

I enjoyed today~ but I was a bit frustrated because I couldn’t come up with what I wanted to do in photoshop and I didn’t really do good at following directions…I hope to improve more at editing and many more way to Photoshop pictures and put  them together. I liked that in my group we were able to share and get feedbacks from our supervisor because it really helped me learn to improve. As you can see below ;______: they thought it looked like gas….it’s bubbles 🙂



Step-Up Week One Day 2

I love today! I really enjoyed learning to photoshop although I don’t really get anything because I don’t know how to use the magic wand, but with a great supervisor like William he’ll probably help me out nicely in the future~ I had fun talking to our supervisor too, he’s funny and cool so I’m even more looking forward to working on photoshopping this year!


2018 Step up-first day

I enjoyed work today. Love that we had many fun activities and had time to get to know other people. I also like that the staff are very easy to get along with. Can’t wait for all the activities that’s coming along this summer!


Step up week 8 day 2

Today, the people who had to finish their project number 4 did and we debate about gang and police mortality. We also debate about adoption and abortion. Today was fairly fun. Although since the debate brought the room into a sort of negative aura it was still fun.


Step up- week 9 day 1

Today we did debate on gun control and people were talking about the uses of gun and how we can make a better choice, everyone has their own opinion. We also debated about forgiveness. We talked about the look of a family and love for their child and if it’s a good idea to give up on them or not. I had fun today!


Step up week 9 day 3

Today we did a discussion about BALL and I helped edit the clip. We did all we needed to do so we were having fun. Step up this year with AMA went by fast and it was fun.