YWCA2017 week4day1

the topic today was how culture impact each other?.
And it went well didnt finished but almost there and today was fantastic.



Today police officer came,and we got to know him and ask him questions. and also he give us good advices so in the future that we shouldn’t do those bad things he tell us like join in a gang. And also one important thing he said that got to me was becareful who u hang out with like friends, hang out with a good friends who are doing good things and knows what they doing and respecting others. and also other than that today was lit i love it:)


YWCA2017Week1 day1

Iam in graphic design, and also today was my first day and it went well, Even though it was hard for me but still am getting there. basically today it was all about learning and and how to design my own name it was fun i love it.