week8 day 3

today was a long day for me because I spent is writing a story that I really did not wanna write I AM NOT A WRITHER NOR A READER πŸ™‚


week 8 day 1

today was not a fun day at all all we did was review and write

lifeless ,boring , not fun


week 7day 2

today was a fun day we stared perdoution and had a lot of fun other than it being really hot outsude


week 6 day 4

today was a long day but it was fun working with my new team we came up with a lot more ideas than me and my old team


week 6 day 3

today was most def not the best day I got a little upset and needed to take a brake but after I was ok I’m not a writer so today was long because its always hard to come up with ideas for a story


week 5 day 4

today was a fun day we started shooting but I only had 2 parts so I was just on the side lines waching everything go on


week 5 day 2

today was an okay day we did not do much but is was still fine it was a long day of pre preduction


week 4 day 2

today was another laid bake day I did not do much but sit around and let bobby put the video together can’t wait to watch the movies