International Youth Day 2017

I have never been to a different country but I have met someone from one. I can’t remember her name , but she was a German exchange student in my French class. She was a Junior and school where she lived sounded a lot different from school in America. They never had pre-determined class schedules (for instance here in America, we have class from one time ((8:00)) to another ((3:00)) 5 days a week, but in Germany, they would sometimes have class from 12:00 to 6:00 and other days 8:00 to 3:00.) They also allow drinking at an earlier age, 16, to prevent a larger urge to drink when you’re older. I wish I got to speak to her more to learn more about life in Germany, as I’ve always been interested in taking a vacation there.


week 8, day 1

This weeks theme is about substance abuse and how it affects others. I did my project on alcohol abuse / using alcohol to solve your problems and how it effects the people around you.


Week 4, Day 3

Today we finished up our violence prevention projects and had 2 police officers visit to explain whats it like being in the force, how to speak/treat police officers and your elders and etc.


Week 3, Day 1

Today we watched videos explaining logo creation, and created images about public transportation


week 2, day 3

Today we made a news letter template off of one on the web. We also finished up our BALL logo pictures and I’m very happy with how mine turned out.


Today we learned about the difference between RGB and CMYK color wheels. We also screen printed BALL shirts and took pictures.


week 2, day 1

I got picked for graphic design today and learned a few new tricks about photoshop. We made logos on illustrator and started working on a project for BALL in photoshop. I’m really excited to see what else we’ll do / learn over the year and and happy I was pick for graphic design.


week 1, day 2

Today we learned about bi cultural living, and financial choices in life. I also worked on some photoshop and learned some editing. I hope I get pick for graphic design because I’ve had fun using photoshop and hope to learn more.


Step up 2017 week 1, day 1

Today we learned our schedule and what we’ll be doing during the summer. We got a tour of the building, and finished our reading and math tests. I’m excited to get into the main swing of things, and I think that will be soon.